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  1. Dear Time Warner Inc., 10(?)-year-old me has developed the hottest “reimagining” of your franchise property to date. Please send $1 million and a time machine.

  2. Still working on Take the General. I’m afraid I peaked with this panel.

  3. errandprincess:

    Princess Tipersplat will return this spring in another thrilling errand-running adventure.

    You can read other comics in the meantime. But we know you’ll just watch TV.

  4. Errand Princess, page 30.

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  5. Detail from today’s penultimate Errand Princess.

    Croakitania knows it’s important to support the arts.

  6. Errand Princess, page 29.

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  7. Last year’s Mother’s Day card, while I’m at it.

  8. Last year’s Father’s Day card.

    It took a little while for young me to conceive of buying anything that wasn’t a terrible science fiction or fantasy novel.

  9. Errand Princess, page 28.

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  10. Errand Princess, page 27.

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